Mandibular Reconstruction Plates

Customized Repair of Fractured Mandibular Reconstruction Plates

Zachary S. Peacock, DMD, MD,* Salim Afshar, DMD, MD

Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Purpose: To describe a novel technique using custom prostheses to repair fractured mandibular reconstruction plates spanning discontinuity defects.

Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective case series reviewing the design, rapid manufacture, and use of a novel method to repair fractured plates. Three patients who could not undergo autogenous bone grafting procedures or replacement of the entire plate for medical or socioeconomic factors were treated by this method.

Results: Three patients with fractured reconstruction plates were treated with a custom prosthesis engaging the reconstruction plate. Continuity and function were restored with a minimally invasive operation and short hospital stay. The custom prosthesis remained in place with stable occlusion in all 3 patients at a minimum of 9 months’ follow-up.

Conclusions: A technique using a custom prosthesis to quickly and less invasively restore continuity and function of the mandible after fracture of a reconstruction plate.

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