Cranial Implants

Cranial Implants

Cranial Patient Specific Implants

In cranioplasty surgeries that are performed in cases like skull deformity or injury, or following decompressive craniectomy, a cranial implant will replace the lost bone as a protection for the brain. In this case, using a material that has sufficient strength long-term and can be used permanently is recommended.

The patient-specific cranial implant will improve the final result of surgery compared to the previous reconstruction methods and implants performance-wise (protecting the head and preventing brain injuries) and make it more predictable appearance-wise.

Some of these implants’ most important features include:

  • Restoration of the head’s symmetry and harmony
  • High strength and non deformable
  • Can be manufactured with porosity and ultralight
  • Easy implantation and reduction of surgical risks and duration
  • Integrity with adjacent bones and undetectable under the skin
  • Manufactured from the Grade 23 Titanium alloy and completely biocompatible

Bonash Medical’s patient-specific cranial implants are designed using the patient’s 3D CT scan and manufactured from the biocompatible Titanium alloy of Grade 23, completely based on the head’s anatomy and the defect’s geometry.

When compared to mass-production implants like reconstruction mesh or polymer implants, these implants provide much more reliable conditions for the patient and surgeon in restoring the defect area’s natural curvature, biocompatibility, and also strength and durability because of their high-precision manufacturing and the material used.

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