Reconstructive Implants

Mandibular Implants

Reconstruction and restoration of deformities, anomalies and asymmetry of mandible

Reconstruction following tumor resection, trauma, acquired and congenital defects.

Cranial Implants

Reconstruction of defects caused by accidents or following craniectomy

Restoration of congenital defects

Facial Implants

Reconstruction of midfacial defects:

Frontal, orbital, and zygomatic areas


Temporomandibular Joint Total Joint Replacement

Restoration of the mandible’s performance and natural motion


Patient-specific maxillary and mandibular subperiosteal implants

Reconstruction of severe atrophy of the mandible and maxilla

Including integrated dental implant abutments

GBR Mesh

Patient-specific guided bone regeneration mesh

Guided regeneration of the lost bones

3D Alveolar ridge augmentation

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