Cosmetic Implants

Cosmetic Implants

Chin Implant

Genioplasty is a form of cosmetic surgery that involves repositioning or reshaping the chin to improve facial harmony.

Patient-specific implants are designed by Bonash Medical and are created to fit perfectly by taking into account the geometry of the implantation location’s surface.

These implants provide both augmentation and profile correction on the chin, especially for patients with Micrognathia suffering from an undersized lower jaw.

The harmony of the face is greatly enhanced and the lower part of the face is balanced with the other parts by enhancing a weak jaw or chin. It is feasible to model the final skull anatomy throughout the design phase with a patient-specific 3D-printed chin implant which makes the final augmentation and chin profile predictable.

Jaw Angle Implant

This type of implants can strengthen the jawline and create a more balanced facial silhouette by augmenting the mandibular body. The jaw angle implant is used in order to increase the mandibular ramus’s length and as a result, decrease the angle between the chin and the gonial angle. Implant placement will result in an increase in the lower jaw’s width.

Using patient-specific implants for mandibular angle augmentation surgery eliminates the limitations of using specific and predefined implant sizes, and enables the surgeon to consider and determine the desirable size and geometry based on the patient’s unique anatomy. Also, the implant’s harmony with the anatomy significantly helps a better fit against the jaw. All of these factors will help the predictability of the surgery’s result to improve.

Cheek Implant

Using patient-specific implants in cheek augmentation surgery would yield improved results compared to conventional implants. Utilizing materials with proven biocompatibility and possibility of creating a porous surface where the implant meets the bone, and therefore enhanced osteointegration and implant-bone integrity will reduce exposure and extraction risk.

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