GBR Mesh


Guided Bone Regeneration Mesh

Patient-specific guided bone regeneration mesh

Partial or total toothlessness causes gradual bone resorption. If bone resorption progresses, using dental implants won’t be possible after a while. In this situation, two methods, namely guided bone regeneration and subperiosteal implants can be used based on the doctor’s diagnosis and the patient’s conditions.

Using conventional methods for bone regeneration and augmentation won’t yield proper results in terms of reconstruction quality and augmentation rate, specially in severely atrophic cases.

Using Bonash Medical patient-specific GBR mesh, 3D guided regeneration of bones with sufficient quality and volume would become possible. This Implant can:

  • Act as a scaffold to facilitate and speed-up bone regeneration;
  • Provide sufficient strength for protecting the bone graft;
  • Three-dimensionally augment the bone with the required volume and geometry;
  • Make easy cutting and extraction possible after bone regeneration is completed.

In this method, a temporary implant is used as protection for guided bone regeneration, helping the bone graft development process. After total restoration and increase in density of the bone tissue, the implant is extracted, preparing the conditions for dental implant placement.

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