Cranial Custom Made Implant

Cranial Custom Made Implant

Custom made implant for the reconstruction of craniofacial defects have gained importance due to better performance over their generic counterparts. This is due to the precise adaptation to the region of implantation, reduced surgical times and better cosmetics of additively manufactured implants.

Advances in manufacturing processes for direct 3D printing of Patient specific implants has eliminated the constraints of shape, size and internal structure and mechanical properties making it possible for the fabrication of titanium implants that conform to the physical and mechanical requirements of the region of implantation.

In the vast majority of cases, precise symmetric reconstruction of maxillofacial defects remains an unsolved problem for craniofacial surgeons. Patient specific implants have contributed considerably to improvement in the accuracy and reliability of facial rehabilitation, rapidly becoming an irreplaceable part of the surgical armamentarium.

3d printed implants could be an advantageous and promising alternative to the use of other alloplastic materials. Moreover, custom made implants has the potential not only to achieve predictable correction for congenital or acquired deformities but also to serve a merely cosmetic purpose.

A titanium custom made chest wall implant could be a viable alternative for patients who had large chest wall tumors.