3D Printed Implant

When it comes to shoulder joint replacements, a patient specific implant can often be more suitable than standard solutions – particularly in cases that involve severe bone defects. Bonash offers surgeons 3D printed implant for cases of reverse shoulder arthroplasty.

Our additively manufactured implants bring predictability to your work. Being able to see the anatomy in 3D beforehand enables you to run through a more complete planning exercise. This reduces the elements of surprise you might otherwise meet in the operating room.

The greatest advantage that 3D printers provide in medical applications is the freedom to produce patient specific medical implants and equipment. For example, the use of 3D printing to customize prosthetics and implants can provide great value for both patients and physicians.

3D printed implant, fixtures, and surgical tools can have a positive impact in terms of the time required for surgery, patient recovery time, and the success of the surgery or implant. It is also anticipated that 3D printing technologies will eventually allow drug dosage forms, release profiles, and dispensing to be customized for each patient.