Patient Specific Implants

Patients suffering complex bone trauma/defect in craniofacial or maxillofacial skeleton, usually can’t be treated successfully with standards implants. Traditional methods such as using bone graft or shaped titanium meshes may lead to long risky operation and poor clinical and aesthetic results.

For these patients, Bonash Medical provides Patient Specific Implants which are derived from patients’ CT scan and produced with cooperation of surgeon.

After receiving patient’s CT scan, our team which consists of experienced medical and mechanical engineers, with the help of medical imaging software, design the initial model of implant and share it with surgeon. After surgeon’s final approval, the design is sent to Bonash Medical production team to start manufacturing process.

Finally the personalized implant will be send to the surgeon, ready to be grafted to patients body.

Reconstructive Implants

Correcting craniomaxillofacial defects

Cosmetic Implants

Addressing aesthetic needs


  • Restore normal craniofacial anatomy
  • Post traumatic reconstruction
  • tumor resection reconstruction
  • Facial skeleton defects augmentation
  • Cranial brain injuries reconstruction
  • Atrophic maxilla management


  • perfectly fits to defect site
  • Predictable cosmetic and functional outcome
  • Excellent mechanical strength and fatigue life
  • Lower risk of rejection compared to polymeric materials
  • Reduced overall treatment costs (no revision surgery)
  • Reduced surgery time